Subject of activity

Project Activities

(Preparing and processing project documentation in all grades)
■ Architectonical, engineering and volume studies, feasibility studies
■ Project documentation attached to the proposal on the issue of zoning decision (DUR)
■ Project documentation attached to the proposal on the issue of building permit (DSP)
■ Tender project documentation – documentation for the selection of the contractor (TDW)
■ Project documentation for carrying out building works (DPS)
■ The factual carrying out building works documentation


Project Management

(Preparing and being in charge of the realisation of projects)

Design Management

(Preparing and being in charge of project documentation)
■ Providing the input background papers and preparing project documentation management
■ Providing, management and checking the EIA documentation (if necessary) PUR, DSP
■ Providing, management and checking the project preparation of the construction,for the zoning process (DUR)
■ Providing, management and checking the project preparation of a construction for building permit (DSP)
■ Providing, management and checking tender project documentation (documentation for the selection of a contractor – TDW)
■ Provision, management and check of project preparation of carrying out of building works (DPS)
■ Provision, management and check of project preparation of the real carrying out of building works

Tender Management

(Organizing and providing the selection procedure)
■ Organizing and providing a selection procedure on the contractor of project    documentation (the EIA documentation,
the documentation attached to the  proposal on the issue of zoning decision – DUR, a project for building proceeding – DSP,
tender  documentation– documentation for the selection of the contractor of the construction) – underlimit or overlimit public 
contract for services administered in open proceeding.
■ Organizing and providing a selection procedure for the contractor of the construction – underlimit or overlimit public contract on
building works administered in open proceeding.

Cost Management
(Management and checking the construction cost)

Cost Management (the project part)
■ Coordinating activities within the project price calculation in the course of working up of project documentation for the
preparation of the EIA zoning documentation, the documentation attached to the proposal on the issue of zoning decision – DUR,
project for building proceedings – DSP, tender documentation – documentation for the selection of the contractor of the
construction with regard to the set budget framework
■ Proposal of eventual variant solutions of technological methods
■ A continuous supervision, check and evaluating a budget with regard to the compliance of the final budget framework of the
future realization
■ Co-making optimal project solutions
■ Indentifying the risk items within a budget and the possibilities to decrease the costs

Cost Management
(the realization part)
■ Revision of a budget of the selected general contractor of construction
■ Check of keeping the budget discipline of the general contractor of construction
■ A continuous keeping records of the construction cost
■ Regular monthly reports about the actual performed works
■ Being in charge of liquidation of invoices and advancement payment slips in the extent of price and material control by the way
set by mandator´s inner regulations
■ Check of the Contractor´s background papers for invoicing in terms of the really performed works, checking the invoicing
conditions according to the concluded contract, confirming the accuracy by signature
■ Monitoring the conformity of the performed and invoiced works with the item budgets of particular buildings or operational sets
and with the total construction budget
■ Keeping the records necessary about drawing from the budget (both in the financial and material composition)
■ Check of compliance with all conditions and dates of the Contract for work and submitting proposals on property sanctions
against the Contractor of construction, including a written justification

Quality Management

(Investor´s technical supervision)
■ Making sure the works on the construction are started (handing over of the construction site including specifying the condition of
the construction site operation) and continue smoothly
■ Checking during the performance of building works and realization of operational sets as needed,  with the focus especially on
the fulfilment of qualitative and other conditions of the contract and obligatory Czech norms and regulations
■ Check of compliance with schedules and deadlines of the build-up, the vendor´s  budget discipline
■ Check of compliance with the  conditions of zoning decision, building permit and other obligatory documents for the build-up
■ Working up materials for the construction check days
■ Organizing construction check days at least 1 x in14 days
■ Meetings and participation in the mandator´s bodies negotiations
■ Opponency of programmes of the tests in individual and pre-complex tests, in complete testing, handing over and taking of
individual operational set and building objects of the construction in the extent ensuing from the concluded contracts
■ Organizational provision of the preparation in order to hand over and take the construction and the procedure of handing over
and taking the construction including the provision of records, certifications, auditor´s reports and other papers related to the
realization of the construction, putting into operation thereof, tests and measurements from the contractor within the contracts
for work
■ Provision of background papers for the submitting of an application for final building approval
■ Provision, check of removing  flaws and arrears mentioned in the records of handover and taking of deliveries and works from
the contractor
■ An effective cooperation with respective state authorities bodies and municipality during the realization

Construction Management

(Realization of constructions)
■ Presence as the building manager at the construction
■ Coordinating particular works
■ Splitting the construction into business sets
■ Providing a tender of particular sets
■ Contractual linkage of the subcontractors with PIIS s.r.o.
■ Maintaining the transparency and openness of the selection procedures
■ Responsibility for project documentation and build-up being in one hand from the initial phase of designing till the completion of 
work – final building approval
■ An agreement about the whole schedule of build up before the building works are started
■ Transmission of most of the risks from the investor to PIIS s.r.o.
■ A fixed reward for Construction Management set before the commencement of the work
■ A potential for other savings from the agreed price
■ Non-conflict form of the contract


Subsidies Management

(Working up and administration of EU subsidy applications)
■ Suggesting a suitable support programme based on the needs analysis and the subsidies opportunities analyses
■ Working up of analyses and surveys proving the necessity of the project
■ Working up an application for support including the project financial plan
■ Working up the feasibility study according to the valid methodologies
■ Working up the cost-benefit analysis
■ Monitoring of project (working up the monitoring reports, check of reporting)
■ Administration of project (financial management of project, check of cost recognisability, check of accuracy of invoices)


Real Estate Service

(Appraisal, purchase and sale of real estates)
■ Purchase/sale of plots and real estates
■ Preparation of the area for the realization of investment projects
■ Realization of developer projects within the residential and commercial build-up
■ Appraisement of property and real estate for market and tax purposes
■ Mediation of purchase, sale and rent of real estates
■ Legal service (purchase, gift, rental and other contracts)
■ Facility Management

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